• Feb 2021 – Questions raised why CDC 5 year housing land supply is falling short
  • Feb 2021 – Wildlife corridors under threat by developers in Chidham & Hambrook
  • Jan 2021 – SOHV talks to new CDC Nitrates Officer about nitrate neutral housing
  • Dec 2020 – Council accepts water treatment shortages in vote and Ofwat letter
  • Nov 2020 – Manhood flooding recognised in revised parish housing allocations
  • Aug 2020 – developers move in with planning applications with out of date plan
  • July 2020 – CDC Local Plan out of date. Housing target now 638 per year
  • Feb 2020 – Chichester Council new local biodiversity action plan
  • Jan 2020 – decision on appointment of CDC Climate Emergency Officer
  • 26 NovSouthern Gateway development partner appointed
  • mid Nov – Chichester Councillors debate revised Local Plan 2019 – 2039
  • 24 Oct – East-West parishes meet CDC to review housing allocations
  • 16 Oct – CDC meet Housing Minister to review housing allocations
  • 30 Sept – Whitehouse farm planning review at CDC
  • 30 Sept – SOHV and parishes meet CDC to review water treatment
  • 5 Sept – Planning and Infrastructure Panel (DPIP)
  • 4 Sept – Council housing strategy and parish housing allocation review
  • 3 Sept – closed cabinet meeting re Local Development Scheme
  • 3 Sept – Chichester Council Air quality action plan published
  • 3 Sept – Bracklesham Bay development options appraisal
  • 29 July – SOHV meets Gillian Keegan re climate & housing issues
  • 23 JulyTangmere CPO and Southern Gateway progress update
  • 18 July – CDC Development Plan and Infrastructure Panel meeting
  • 11 July – District Councillor briefing on latest housing research
  • 11 July – SOHV raises Nitrate-neutral house building at CDC meeting
  • 10 July – 9 out of 10 water companies failing to protect the environment
  • 10 July – first planning committee with new District Councillors
  • 9 July – SOHV helps drive declaration of Climate Emergency by CDC
  • 2 July – SOHV climate change video shows effects of 40C warming on coasts
  • 25 June – Southern Water hit with £126m punishment for spills of wastewater
  • 17 June – District Councillor briefing on housing, environment & infrastructure
  • 6 June – Wildlife under serious threat – article and video in Chichester Observer
  • 22 May – SOS-C says review housing plan to avoid enormous damage to harbour
  • 20 May – 585 house Shopwyke development – major A27 roadworks until 2020
  • 15 May – Meeting with Chichester Council to discuss new housing affordability
  • 14 May – CHANE meeting for councillors and local groups with concerns about what 500 houses means for residents, wildlife, the environment and the harbour
  • 7 May – work starts on new £22m sewage pipeline 10km long – due end 2020
  • 3 May – Conservatives lose Council majority – find your district councillor here
  • 2 May – Local District Councillor elections in new revised Chichester Districts
  • 1 May – Residents start to undertake surveys to show wildlife corridors are needed. Download your own wildlife guidewildlife and hedgerow survey
  • 25 April – Chidham & Hambrook Parish in the Chichester Observer – click here
  • 13 April – local resident photo shoot to protest at allocation of 500 houses
  • Chidham and Hambrook – a rural Parish example

    In just six years Chidham, Hambrook and Nutbourne East has had 260 new houses built, growing our three villages by 36%. Yet many of the new houses failed to meet local need, being too large or expensive, and not even that well designed or built.

    meadow view main road nutbourne web

    Unimaginative design and build quality in local new houses

    In 2019 we now have now have 1,000 houses split across three villages. We’re one of many Chichester parishes classed as rural, with the Chichester harbour AONB area to the South and the beautiful South Downs National Park close by to the north. So we have nowhere to expand unless we fill in all the land between our villages with houses.

    So it came as a surprise to us that Chichester Council is insisting our Parish allocates land for yet another 500 houses to be built in our three villages!

    Farmland on the A259 that may go under housing

    Land near the A259 threatened to go under housing

    That’s 500 new houses that would have to be built on mostly prime agricultural farming land to the north of the A259, or the small strip of land along the the main road. The same road recently listed as the 30th most dangerous in the UK for road accidents!

    We’re being told that we have no choice in this, that it’s government housing policy. But we’re not convinced the Council has fought well enough or hard enough against the housing policies of a Government that has done so well handling in Brexit. And outgoing Conservative Councillors didn’t review the housing allocations well enough either.

    What you can do to help SOHV

    chidham peninsular walk web

    If you love walking or driving in the local Sussex countryside, views of the South Downs when you take your children or dog out for a walk, or sailing or cycling around the beautiful Chichester harbour, help us to help you influence those in power.

    Contact us today to tell us your views or click here to see how you can help