Save Our Harbour Villages Action Group was created to give local people around the South Coast and Chichester area a voice about excessive new housing.

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Data from the government’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows England needs around 163,000 new houses built a year, not the government’s 300,000 ongoing target.

It seems clear the government’s agenda is to get the housing industry moving rather than take account of local needs. We are feed up of politicians and housing developers telling us what housing we have to accept, without any local consultation. Houses have been too expensive, with unimaginative design, poor layout and inadequate quality.

Broad Road, Chidham – “soulless plain boxes with no garden” – housing blog

Whilst every Parish has to write a new local Neighbourhood Plan for Chichester District Council, the scope of what this formal document can do is limited. We believe SOHV Action Group offers a chance to voice local opinion and influence those in power about reducing new houses and getting the right type of housing we need for our community.


If you love walking or driving in the local Sussex countryside, views of the South Downs when you take your children or dog out for a walk, or sailing or cycling around the beautiful Chichester harbour, help us to help you influence those in power.

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