Save Our Harbour Villages was created to give residents on the South Coast and Chichester area a voice to reduce new housing without any new infrastructure.

Without enough water supply, sewage treatment, roads, local jobs, schools and health centres, how can we provide all the facilities people need in a new house they buy?

See more about the lack of sewage treatment capacity in this YouTube video

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Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows England needs 163,000 new houses each year, not the government’s continually quoted 300,000 target. 

Boris Johnson and Richard Desmond

£10m – £13m a year and 25% of Conservative Party donations are from housing developers like porn baron Richard Desmond. The Government’s agenda is to get their friends in the housing industry building more houses, rather than taking account of local resident housing needs.

We are fed up of politicians and developers telling us what housing we have to accept, disregarding resident research and needs in favour of build, build, build.

New houses are simply small, too expensive, of unimaginative design, poor layout and inadequate quality. The Architect’s Journal report in 2021 on 140 housing developments in England built since 2007 said most new housing is so poorly designed it should never have been built. The report also says 20% of these developments should have been rejected outright by planning authorities, with over half (54%) only permitted only if developers had made significant design improvements before building them.

“Modern houses are just soulless plain boxes with no gardens” – housing blog

Whilst every Parish has to write a new local Neighbourhood Plan for Chichester District Council, the scope of a Neighbourhood Plan is limited. We believe SOHV Action Group gives all residents West of Chichester a voice to influence those in power about either improving infrastructure or reducing the number of new houses, as well as ensuring our towns and villages get the best type of housing for our residents and communities.


If you love our Sussex countryside and agriculture, sailing around beautiful Chichester harbour, or taking in the views of the South Downs when you take your children or dog out for a walk, help us to help you influence those in power to save all of this!

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