Save Our Harbour Villages aims

Our aim is to challenge the UK Government and Chichester District Council’s assertion that we need nearly 13,000 new houses in our local area, a policy that could spoil enjoyment of the harbour and South Downs and village life forever.

We’re campaigning to persuade everyone that can influence local new housing.

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We are passionate that the unique character of our Chichester harbour and south coast villages should not be ruined by inappropriate new housing or over-development. We are fighting to get those in power to recognise the strength of feeling in our area, and to convince them that there must be a better way to provide the housing that we need.

While we know every area needs new housing, Chidham and Hambrook alone had 260 new houses in the last six years, an increase of 36% in total housing stock.

We’re campaigning for fewer new houses, to meet local needs for more affordable housing, better house designs that fit into local communities, and new home  developement in locations that blend in more sensitively with local infrastructure.

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Save Our Harbour Villages objectives

  1. Housing for local needs – affordable, best sites, age suitable, suitable density
  2. Housing type – housing style, house size, housing type, number of bedrooms
  3. Protecting the environment – wildlife, health, water, air, welfare, green spaces
  4. Infrastructure – roads, work, retail, health, schools, local and social amenities

What we are doing

  • Community campaigning for a reduced number of better, cheaper local houses
  • Research to understand what local people want from housing in their community
  • Assessing what infrastructure local communities want and need in the future
  • Providing a forum for everyone in local Chichester villages to share their views
  • Meeting everyone that can influence change and briefing them on rural needs

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