Save Our Harbour Villages

We challenge the Government’s assertion that we need 10,000 plus new houses in our District, driving top-down housing policies that will destroy resident enjoyment of village life, Chichester Harbour and South Downs views forever.

Chichester harbour and South Downs

We’re campaigning to influence everyone that has a say about local new housing, to make sure it is affordable and of the right size and type for all local residents.

box house overdevelopment

We are passionate that the unique character of our Chichester harbour and south coast villages should not be ruined by dull, low quality new housing or by over-development.

We are fighting to get those in power to recognise resident concerns, and to convince them there is a better way to provide all the housing we actually need.

We’ll ensure new houses are affordable, meet local needs, meet the best standards of housing design and fit in with communities, in the most suitable locations. We say that if there are known infrastructure inadequacies, new housing plans should be reduced.

Southern Water

Click on the image above to see the issues of the lack of water treatment at Thornham.

Save Our Harbour Villages objectives

  1. Housing for locals – affordable, suitable housing density, mix and age suitable
  2. New house design – housing style, quality, size, type and number of bedrooms
  3. Environmental protection – views, wildlife, agriculture, health, welfare, water, air
  4. Infrastructure – roads, water, work, retail, health, schools, local / social amenities

What we are doing

  • Research to understand what local people want from housing in their community
  • Assessing what infrastructure local communities need and want in the future
  • Providing a forum for everyone in local Chichester villages to share their views
  • Meeting everyone that can influence change and briefing them on rural needs
  • Community campaigning for a reduced number of better, affordable local houses

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